it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas? No, silly. The Bachelor! The show that has stock in wine, candles, and the word “journey”.  Let’s see how the premiere turned out, shall we? Follow me…

Let’s start by describing the bachelor himself. His name is Chris Soules, 33 (i think), and…the best part? He’s a freakin’ farmer from IOWA. The state I live in– say what? I consider myself famous now. The premiere started off by showing Chris in a corn field, feeling the stalks as he walks. He’s wearing flannel (obviously) through some of the montage and you get to see the beautiful landscape that is Iowa. #allhail

Chris journeys to Hollywood to the ol’ mansion to meet his future betrothed. Giggity.

As the limos come and go, he’s greeted by 15 women. Then…the suspense begins. The women, in the house (half of which are already tanked), start questioning if there are only 15 women on this season. These women are either stupid, have never watched past seasons, or are just plain horrible actors. I’m going with the latter. The producers do this every season. Taunt the “contestants” with a few of the competition, then dramatically bring in the rest later on in the show. Enough of this…let’s meet the women. For your convenience, I’ve broken them up into categories: Seemingly Normal, Hot Messes, Ones That Haven’t Convinced Me Yet, Please Leave Now. Enjoy.

Seemingly Normal

Kaitlyn (Canadian dancer), Britt (Hollywood waitress), Megan (makeup artist from Nashville), Kelsey (TX widow from MI), Becca (Chiro), Tracy (4th grade teach from FL)

Hot Messes

Ashley S. (pomegranate girl), Tara (drunk trainwreck), Trina (spec-ed teacher from Cali), Jordan (student who forced Chris to take a whiskey shot)

Ones That Haven’t Convinced Me Yet

Jillian, Carly (cruise ship entertainer), Whitney (windy city fertility nurse), Ashley I. (journalist from Jersey), Amber, Jade (NE girl turned Cali), Tandra (motorcycle babe), Samantha (fashion designer), Juelia (esthetician), Nikki (former NFL cheer gal).

Please Leave Now

Alissa (annoying stewardess) and Mackenzie (21 yr old mommy)

Ones not making the first-round cut? Bo, Brittany, Kara, Kimberly (not without putting up a fight-she came back!), Nicole (the redhead-my boyfriend’s favorite- ha, sucker!), Reegan (fake heart lady), Michelle (cake decorator), and Amanda (big eyes).

The limos spew the ladies out, they all bring cute props to help them in their hellos to Chris. Tara wore flannel and cowboy boots (then changed into a black dress, snuck back into the limo and re-greeted Chris…don’t worry, he noticed). Reegan showed Chris a fake heart, Tandra rode in on a harley, Carly came in a’singin’, Britt gave Chris the world’s longest hug, Amanda hugs him from behind and won’t let him see her face, Brittany comes dressed in her WWE attire, and Jordan greeted Chris with a mini bottle of whiskey.

My finale prediction after the first night: Whitney wins. Britt second. Kelsey third. The new bachelorette will be Kelsey. Calling it now. I’ll apologize if I’m wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to see how drunk Tara gets next Monday.




Another year is coming to an end. Hard to believe. They always say “time flies when you are having fun” … it must be true. A lot has happened this year- new relationship, new apartment, new job. All going well. Like really well. Actually, so well it’s scary and too good to be true. I’m not complaining…

Although life is great, this time of year has become very difficult over the past few years. Losing three of the four grandparents within 3 years is incredibly hard, and I do not wish that pain upon anyone.

So, I ask. As you are with your families this Holiday season, enjoy it. Love them. Hug them. Appreciate them. Give them a high-five if that’s your thing. You can’t get that time back. My family Christmases are smaller these days, and it’s heartbreaking. But, we have three little kiddos that make it a whole lot easier.
Being together as a family helps heal those wounds, or at least make it a tad bit easier.

To Jim, Donna, Vaughn, and Shirley – Cheers! I look up everyday and send my love. Words cannot describe how much you each are missed, every single day. Have a Merry Heavenly Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Cheers to 2015.

I’m the busiest lazy person…ever.

It’s funny how we are all guilty of allowing our work life to interrupt our personal life. Mirror, Mirror on the wall…who is the most guiltiest of all? [enter Alyssa]. The fact is, I love to work. But…on the other hand, I also love my personal life. I’ve been on quite the roller coaster of balancing work and play.  Why am I rambling about this? Oh, no reason really. I just needed an excuse as to why I hadn’t blogged my #ootd in over a month. Turns out, it was just plain laziness. Hmpf.

I picked out my favorite four outfits rom the past few weeks. Thoughts? Suggestions? Uggo? Hip? Chic?


black maxi, scarf, and a bright cardigan.


skinny jeans, long sweater, and tall boots.


skinny tans, navy v-neck, bright cardigan, and tall boots.

tights and sweater

black tights, chunky cable-knit sweater, and tall boots.

I’m back and I’ll never leave you again.


a boo-coo of grub was consumed.

Boo-coo – A lot. Origin in Haitian Creole and French (beaucoup).  Just droppin’ some N’awlins lingo for ya’ll. How am I doing?

Last night, I was wined and dined!

First up- Peche. If you are visiting in the city and enjoy seafood and wine, this is a great little spot. I tried oysters and gumbo for the first time.  Then, the table shared this overly large fish. To top the dinner off, my generous new team members presented me with a signed copy of restaurant owner, Donald Link’s cookbook. Pretty cool.

peche  food 1  oysters  link cb

Being the mature woman I am, I thought its teeth and eyeballs were funny. Had to snap a pic.


From there, my New Orleans adventure continued at The Corporate…a dive bar where the locals hang out…even puppies!  PUPPIES @ A BAR?! I don’t even care I’m at a bar anymore.

New friends introduced me to the French Quarter. They know how to do it down here. Had the pleasure of listening to the Treme Brass Band at d.b.a. New Orleans. So cool to experience the famous music scene!

band french quarter

      Tonight’s “last supper” in New Orleans took me to Butchers. A restaurant owned by the same that owns Peche. Butchers is a butcher shop/deli. Lots of goodies and a great spot to check out if ever in the area. FYI- Donald Link has a third restaurant, Cochon, right around the corner from Butchers. Wasn’t able to stop in there, but definitely on my radar for next time. Phenomenal.

butchers  butchers food

I wish I could stay a few days longer to explore even more. Neat city.

Lenny Kravitz said it well…

no quote-lyssmarie